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This Diwali, witness the epic clash between light and darkness in my latest short film 'Undying Light.' 🪔🧟‍♀️
A cinematic journey where zombies haunt the vibrant streets of Jaipur. Fully generated using AI tools!
While working on my AI-generated Diwali short film, I'm learning just how vital sound design is in making cinematic videos. Sharing the final trailer with better sound and editing for my upcoming short film "Undying Light".

Sharing some pointers on Sound Design:
1. Atmosphere: Sound sets the mood and transports viewers into the film's world.
2. Emotional Impact: It enhances storytelling by evoking emotions and reactions.
3. Character Voices: Brings characters to life through unique voices and accents.
4. Foley Artistry: Crafting realistic sounds for footsteps, objects, and more.
5. Music: Scores and soundtracks add depth and evoke specific feelings.
6. Sync & Timing: Perfectly timed sound effects for visual synchronization.
7. Quality Matters: Crystal-clear audio ensures every detail is heard.

These are just a few notes on the importance of sound design—every whisper, every thunderclap contributes to cinematic excellence. 📢🎶 ⚡ 🌟

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