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Power: Selected Work

Project Power is all about expressing myself through everyday electrical accessories. The intrigue of finding meaning in random objects has become a driver for this project. In this exploration, I adopt assemblage and typography as my creative output, using various electrical equipment like sockets, switches, wires, boards, etc. Assembled objects create compositions that speak an emotional message while having a visual appeal of their own. I use the physical meaning associated with these objects, like transfer of electrical power, power source, power consumption, etc., as a metaphor for inner power like courage, inspiration, instinct. I also add texts in my work wherever it is needed because words sometimes add clarity and enhance the message of the composition. I record these compositions in photographs and videos to capture the experience of the artwork. Images/videos are shot on iPhone 12, produced on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, and rendered for print and digital viewing.

Download Documentation: Vibhor Mathur / Power / 2021

Power: Text
Power: Pro Gallery
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