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Passport For Your Product

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We did it again, and with #AI it keeps getting better! This time, we used AI to unveil our remarkable product suite for Razorpay International Payments. This is the behind the scenes for the campaign "Passport for your Products" for Razorpay. The journey began by designing stunning static frames using the creative prowess of Midjourney and #Photoshop generative fill. But here's where the magic happened! We introduced the game-changing tool, Kaiber, into the mix. We used KaiberAI to create animated videos of the images using its image-to-video mode. 🎙 Adding a touch of emotion was important as it was a story-based video. And that was done by @Advaita Mane to help bring this story to life. Shoutout to Anushka Braganza, Dushyant Panda, and Anupriya Mohanya for trusting me with this. Here is a little behind-the-scenes on how we put this all together.

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