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Power: Selected Work

I think of my work as an emotion diary where I project my dreams, feelings, and lessons I’ve learned into visual forms and abstract video collages. I chose to work on the theme “Eyes” because I think it is the most important of 5 body senses. Most of what we learn and feel comes from what we see and sometimes from what we don’t see. The things that make us happy and things that make us cry, we see them, visualize them. We feel different emotions based on what we see and what makes this unique is everybody has different experiences even when they see the same thing. Also, eyes not only helps us experience but helps us express as well, every emotion we are feeling is projected outside from our eyes as well. In my works, I’ve explored the meaning of emotions & feelings through our eyes, our dreams, fears and moral lessons we learn from experiences. I chose the collage as an art style because it gave me a way to merge different ideas into one space and gave a sense of abstraction while still being connected to the theme. All artworks are made digitally using Adobe softwares.


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